5 Benefits of Using SEO to Optimise Your Website Copy

seo in copywriting

One of the best marketing strategies to invest in when looking to connect with your target audience is search engine optimization (or SEO for short).

Although it may seem insignificant to some small business owners, it’s a crucial part of any inbound marketing campaign and can set aside your brand from the competition.

Below you’ll discover more on how powerful SEO really is, as well as the five key benefits of using it in your company’s website copy to disrupt your competition’s hold on your industry.

Search Engine Optimization, What It’s Purpose?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving content so as to help it rank better in search results when users search for specific keywords, especially is search engines such as Google. Although placing keywords in your website copy may seem like a complete waste of your time, take a moment to think about how you’ve reached the post you are just reading. You’ve probably googled keywords like “improve website copy,” or “benefits of using SEO in website copy”. These short phrases or keywords can help you get to more relevant content, which is the same process your current customers use to found you!

It’s crucial that companies of all sizes implement SEO into their copy to rank better in Google, as well as other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Integrating specific keywords can reach more of your target audience, and you will as a result experience incredible changes to the number of customers you have. Here are only a handful of reasons you should start using SEO in your website copy today!

seo in copywriting

5  Benefits of Using SEO in Your Website Copy

1. SEO can Help You Craft the Right Content

It’s not always easy to create engaging content that will rank well in Google, or that your target audience will find relevant. However, by researching effective SEO keywords, you can create compelling content for your website, as well as for your brand’s blog and social media posts. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools at your disposal for finding the most useful SEO keywords to rank well in Google, such as Google Analytics and Google Trends. You can either do the research yourself or hire a search engine optimization agency for your company. Although you may not think it’s necessary to hire a B2B SEO agency for your brand, they will be able to determine the most effective keywords for your website copy and even help you develop the content for your web pages!

2. SEO will Target the Right Audience

SEO is a powerful and effective inbound marketing strategy that will help you target the right audience. After all, if you’re selling treats at your bakery, you don’t want to attract buyers looking for clothes. Instead, SEO keywords will help refine the number of people who see your content and direct it toward the right audience.

As an inbound marketing strategy, SEO is much more efficient than earlier marketing efforts, such as interruptive ads or cold calling. Plus, many consumers find it much less annoying than getting spam emails about a brand. Inbound is much more customer-focused and finds creative new ways to make your brand resourceful to all your clients. This revolutionary marketing technique will help your target audience fall in love with your online presence, rather than dread it.

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3. SEO can Help You Get more Clicks than PPC

One of the biggest questions business owners have is whether to invest in SEO or paid per click (PPC) advertising. Unlike PPC, which can cost you a small fortune as a small business, SEO costs less overall and can help you get more clicks. Especially if you have a relatively small budget and want to see changes sooner rather than later, SEO is the way to go. Plus, search engine optimization can be used across social media and blog posts, which is not something you can say about PPC. In truth, SEO is just the easier and more effective route to your customers. Not to mention, SEO’s return on investment is more than you can bargain for.

4. You Won’t Need to Pay for Ads

Organic rankings in Google are based on an algorithm for matching the best content for a specific keyword. This means that you can create relevant content that can lead interested customers to your site for weeks or months. Although you could buy ads that can do the same thing, you won’t be spending nearly as much for SEO, and it will be more effective in the long run. Even though you may have to hire an SEO agency, if you’re not big on DIY, the cost of creating high-quality content will be much less than using ads. Plus, once you have the content, it can be used for years, rather than needing to create brand new ads every few months. Although you will eventually need to update your website content, the time and cost will be much more valuable to you than short ads attempting to attract an audience to your brand. However, if you do decide to use SEO and PPC ads combined, you’ll only be strengthening your online presence for potential customers to discover you with.

5. You can Easily Overcome Your Competition

Search engine optimization is an incredibly powerful and effective small business digital marketing strategy that brands are taking advantage of. However, this can provide a problem as other brands might be adopting similar keywords that you are using. This is why having an SEO strategy is crucial to your marketing plan, as well as improving your website copy and bringing in new clients. Now is the time to start using SEO and start easily overcoming your competition, one keyword at a time.

Search engine optimization is a useful inbound marketing method that you should already be taking advantage of. There are plenty of reasons why you should be using it, from avoiding dishing out tons of money for ads to easily overcoming your competition. It’s never been a better time to start using this in your own website copy, so start researching online trends, and help your brand improve its online presence today!