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We provide an SEO optimised content writing service, that is blog posts, landing pages, and eCommerce descriptions that will rank highly in Google almost immediately.


We do this by following a set of content writing processes for all our writers. First, we create a detailed brief that includes all the main topics for the article. Then the writer writes the content using SuferSEO or Clearscope to ensure your quality content is primed to rank.

No Risk Content With Our Money Back Guarantee

To encourage you to use our content writing services and to show how good our content writers are we offer a money back guarantee on all first orders.


If you do not like the first post that we write for you we will refund your payment in full. Once you are on board as a client we offer unlimited revisions of all the content we write for you.


Here are some samples of the SEO content we have written and published on websites.


B2B MarketingCoaching, Digital marketing, AI SaaS, Accounting/Payroll, DIY, Therapy.

The team at Cube digital is creative and efficient, always using the best practices of copywriting and content for SEO. They understand our brand and every project completed with high standardsSam Molloy, Digital Marketing Manager, Upskill Coach

Content Writing Prices

Premium Content


  • 1,000 word optimised blog content
  • Full refund for any reason***
  • 14 day turnaround, usually quicker
  • Unlimited edits
  • Plagiarism checked on Copyscape
  • 5% discount for monthly orders

Most Popular


  • 1,000 word blog post
  • Full refund for any reason***
  • 14-day turnaround, usually quicker
  • Unlimited edits
  • Plagiarism checked on Copyscape
  • Added to your website
  • Includes 1 royalty free image
  • Internal links added
  • 5% discount for monthly orders

Clearscope Optimisation


  • 1,000 word Clearscope optimised blog post
  • Full refund for any reason***
  • 14-day turnaround, usually quicker
  • Unlimited edits
  • Plagiarism checked on Copyscape
  • Added to your website
  • Includes 1 royalty free image
  • Internal links added
  • 5% discount for monthly orders

** We will happily sign a non-disclosure if required

*** For the first post only, afterwards we will complete unlimited revisions

Content Planning

Do you need help with your content strategy or content topic planning?


A successful content marketing strategy will produce content as topic clusters. When your website is topically relevant it will outrank other websites simply due to the topical relevance.


This is what topical relevance looks like for a content writing services company.

  1. Main content writing service land page – then supporting content as blog posts
  2. How Long Should a Blog Post Really Be?
  3. How to Optimise Content for SEO
  4. What is SEO Article Writing?
  5. How to Structure a Blog Post, (Including Images)
  6. What is Active Voice in Blog Writing
  7. etc


The number of posts in a topical hub depends on the niche. The titles in a hub will depend on the authority of your website. If your website is new and does not have much authority, (backlinks), then the titles in the content hub will need to be a very long tail to drive traffic.


All content in topical hubs can drive relevant business related goals. just because a topic drives traffic is not a good reason to write about that topic. It must always align with the business goals.

Affiliate & Publisher Content Writing Services

We have been writing long form optimised website content for affiliate and ad drive websites since the start of 2019. We currently write high quality content in the cycling, outdoor gear, hiking and home improvement areas.


We can offer an additional full posting service, find products to include in the roundup or review posts, and add the content to your site if you use the AAWP plugin for WordPress.


Do you have old content that is under performing? Talk to us about our rewriting service if the content is outdated or our optimisation service using SuferSEO or Clearscope.


Again if you need help with creating topical hubs and supporting content for high value pages we can help on a consultancy basis. If you have been in the affiliate game for a while I doubt this is the case – you are likely a pro at content marketing.


Training for new affiliate marketers. I offer an SEO coaching service to help with targeting, content strategy, production, processes, and hiring. This can help you grow faster and avoid many of the common mistakes that are made by new publishers.


We only offer the money back service for blog posts of around 1,000 words. For affiliate content, we usually write posts between 3,000 and 8,000 words. For these blog posts, we will provide unlimited reviews until you are happy with the truly unique content.

We Make Content Creation Simple

Once you provide the titles for the blog posts we run the title through This will provide a structure of expected headings and topics. We use these as the subheading for your document.


This information is copied into the SurferSEO doc on Google docs. This is where the writer creates the content for your website.


Once the writer is finished one of our editors checks the document to ensure all the topical points have been mentioned and that the content is in British or American English as required.


We send you a link to the finished Google doc to review. If you need changes just mark on the doc otherwise we will go ahead and publish on your website or you are free to download and publish.

How to Find Content Creation Ideas

There are many keyword research tools that can help with website content writing ideas. Ahrefs is my favourite.


Ahrefs: I could spend all day within Ahrefs finding SEO content ideas. They have a great keyword research tool where you can sort on the number of words and the difficulty of the phrase.


They make it easy to see what keywords and posts your competitors rank for and if these posts drive organic traffic from Google.


Lastly, they have a content gap analysis tool. Just add 5 or 10 of your competitors and see an analysis of key terms they are ranking for. These will likely be relevant for your website.

Can You Publish the Content on my Website?

Yes, that is included in our most popular service. We will also add at least one royalty free image, if you have your own image library we can work something out depending on how easy it is to access.


We will also add a few relevant internal links from the post we are publishing. Most of the sites we publish on are WordPress and Shopify. But, we do provide content for social media. Talk to us if you have a different platform.

Can I See Samples of Your Work?



Our professional content writers have written the blog on this website. And here are some content examples that we have written on other websites, which act as a great case study:


B2B Marketing, Travel blog post, Coaching, Digital marketing, AI SaaS, Accounting/Payroll, DIY, Therapy.

Where Are Our Writers Based?

Most of our writers are native English speakers, but not all. We have some great writers that are fluent in English who have completed a degree in English. Again all content is checked by a native English editor. Our writers are based all over the world, often they are TEFL teachers spending time abroad travelling.

Can You Copy My Current Brand Tone?

If you have an unusual brand tone then it is unlikely that our content writing services will be able to match exactly what you require.


However, my solution to this is using an in-house editor. It is far quicker to rewrite and edit quality content than start from a blank page. This is how we handle content on our websites.

What Happens if I don't Like the Content?

For all first orders, we will keep the web content and completely refund your payment – no questions asked.


Once you are past the first order, we will provide unlimited reviews until you are happy that you have the highest quality content. In real life, it is rare that we are asked to change any content. All reviews are done on a Google sheet that we will provide. This makes editing and notes easy to manage for both sides.


We have never run into a situation yet where we could not satisfy a customer. We have published 1,000s of guest posts over the years as part of our link building business and have developed robust professional content processes.

What Types of Content Can You Write?

Most of the work we do is B2B blog posts and descriptions for eCommerce stores. If you need highly technical writing please check with us first as some subjects are outside our remit.


We provide content for LinkedIn Pulse, Facebook, Medium posts, etc.