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Let’s agree on something first – guest blogging is not dead, guest posting still drives excellent results, for those who use it properly and know how to do it.

Despite Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm updates, publishing guest posts still remains one of the best ways to drive traffic, boost rankings, and improve brand awareness. The trouble with manual guest outreach is that it is so very easy to do it the wrong way, or simply target the wrong kind of blogs, which will not do anything for your website.

As the SEO landscape keeps evolving, building low and medium quality links is not a good long term strategy. Many websites have incurred a Google penalty for their low-level link building practices. This has led to an increase in the cost of building good links, and the importance of high quality content has never been more apparent.

Building links the right way actually involves earning them – your content needs to be tailored to the blog you are targeting, and it needs to be written for the audience of said blog, not for crawlers, and not for SEO purposes. The link nestled in such an article needs to be of a certain quality too.

Your links need to be integrated seamlessly – keyword stuffing is a definite no-no, as is over-optimised anchor text and duplicate content. Not to mention building links on shady sites that exist for the sole purpose of building links.

That is why the service we offer here is guest blogging.

guest bloggingHow Can Guest Blogging Help?

  •         Increase your revenue from increased referral and search traffic
  •         Increase your visibility online within your niche
  •         Gain a larger audience on social media
  •         Boost brand awareness

How we do Guest Blogging

  •         Our link building team finds the right blogs to have a link on.
  •         We target relevant and quality sites – no spam, no low quality content farms.
  •         We target websites with a Domain Authority of 10 or greater.
  •         Our writers write great unique content for every post, all articles are proofread, when the link building team forwards them on to the site they have been crafted for.
  •         We don’t pay for links. Ever.

Before we embark on a campaign, we make sure we don’t retrace the steps you have already taken. We will need a list of the sites currently linking back to your site, to avoid any duplication. You can find this list in your Google Search Console, and export it from there. If we don’t have access to your current backlink portfolio, we will use other tools to review it – but it will never be as accurate as your GSC export.

How we Find Guest Blogging Targets

There are many tactics we use to find the best outreach targets – we will list only a few.

  •         Using advanced search operators, we search the web for sites where we can post content.
  •         We can also do a competitor analysis, and acquire links from their portfolio.
  •         We use a number of link prospecting tools to help us find suitable targets.

We bear in mind the end goal of the campaign when compiling a list of sites – we work within your niche, trying to reach the right eyes, eyes that are more likely to convert and benefit from your products or services.

outreachHow we reach out to Sites

Outreach is without a doubt the most difficult part of guest blogging.

After we have compiled a list of suitable targets, making sure all the metrics are what we need them to be, our link building team manually visits every site, find the appropriate contact information, reads the writer guidelines if there are any, and composes an email specifically for that site.

We have processes in place that ensure our response rates are high. Our team is well versed in communicating with bloggers – sometimes it takes more than a dozen emails just to agree on a topic. Our years of experience also mean that we have many contacts among bloggers, which can ensure a nice head start – but without putting in the outreach hours, there can never be results. Which is what makes guest blogging time- and resource-consuming. But it is also what makes it worth it.

The Cost of Guest Posting

It can be very difficult to calculate the cost of guest blogging – both in terms of hours, manpower, and actual euros.

There are days when response rates are through the roof, and days when the same types of emails produce very little results. There are days when new algorithm updates are rolled out, and the web turns into a beehive.

Due to all that – we don’t list prices here. Give us a call and we can discuss guest blogging services tailored to your specific needs. Guest posting with the aim of boosting rankings is quite different from guest posting to boost brand awareness. Let’s talk.

We are well aware that you can find prices on websites that provide similar services – and you can go by them if you’d like. But having in mind everything you’ve just read, you can see for yourself why we don’t demand X euros for X links. That’s not how we do SEO.

A Side Note on Keywords and Anchor Text

We all want to rank for commercial keywords – we know that. But that can either lead to a penalty, can hinder your growth and climb up SERP, and will often not yield the results you were hoping for. Long tail and branded keywords work really well – again, depending on your end goal and bottom line. We can talk about all that.

Contact us today to discuss our guest blogging services, and how they can help you beat the competition, and see your website where you want it to be.

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