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SEO Consultant

Digital Marketing ConsultantI’m Leslie Gilmour, and my job is to make marketing managers happy.

I’m the primary SEO consultant for SEO strategy and content development at Cube Digital, an SEO company I founded. I solve SEO problems for companies in Ireland, the UK, and the US.

Since 2006 I have optimised many websites across various industry sectors in the UK, Ireland, and the US.  For a list of clients see this page and you can read some case studies here.

These are some of the sectors I have worked in:

Some areas are easier than others – the health and financial areas are challenging, they are however very rewarding for the websites that list on the first page in the search results.

SEO Success Stories, (Bragging Rights)

  • First page results for sportsbook and various US betting terms
  • First page for the keyword “car insurance” in Ireland
  • Top results in Ireland for various DIY and building supply terms
  • Top results in Dublin for various therapy terms

Most of the companies I work with are small businesses, with between 5 and 50 employees, and first-page ranking has helped them grow; from oil suppliers to accountants, (see here for accountancy SEO services), to hotels, to jewellers, to holiday companies, you get the idea – it is a diverse customer list.

Why Hire an SEO Consultant?

I think that most SEO consultants that turn up on the first page of Google are good – however I have been running my own websites since 2006 and I am able to see any changes that Google makes and run experiments on live sites, I also run PPC campaigns that help inform SEO.

I build websites where I sell advertising space, something I have run since I started in SEO – this has worked only because I am good with on-site SEO, keyword research, writing content, and building links.  A large proportion of my income comes from these websites.  Would you prefer to have someone work on your website who is intent on earning money doing what he loves on the internet?

Marketing Background

My background encompasses three main areas – finance, computer programming, and sales. I have worked in all of these areas for long periods of time during the years before building my own websites, becoming a digital marketing consultant, and offering search engine optimisation services.

My first website went live in Feb 2006. It went to number one for its main key phrases after six months and has stayed at number one since. Working on this site was the beginning of my internet marketing experience, however, my sales background has helped immensely. If you don’t ask you have no chance of getting it. In internet marketing, you have to ask for something from others all the time.

I love working as an SEO consultant – it is hard work – however, it is logical, (and sometimes imaginative), and the results can be fantastic.

Having a website need not be hugely expensive, ongoing yearly costs are low compared to traditional media. Upfront costs for a blog or small site are normally in the €5,000 – €10,000 range. SEO costs are often more than the web design cost, it simply takes longer.

From a business perspective, the internet is great. Targeted advertising is what you get. Customers are searching for your products, make sure they find you.

Call me today – Leslie Gilmour and let’s get your SEO strategy flying.