Travel Insurance SEO – Allianz, Multitrip, or Insure

I am going on holiday shortly and I need to renew my annual travel insurance.  Having decided a while ago VHI was getting too expensive, that is a different conversation to be had at the next renewal date.  However, I was prompted this morning to think about insurance as I was writing meta descriptions for a client site and some of the pages are on travel insurance.

So, because I don’t hate my client, I used their site to get myself a quote and used that as the base line for my search.  It is always tough being the first I think.  Quite often I would much rather a client has experience with another SEO company before us, as I know we are great at what we do and I would rather not be the teacher on how slow some things happen in SEO.

So quote in hand I turned to  I use online directories, but never for finding services – they are useful for prospecting in certain areas – but not for product or services searches.

I am never able to search for anything in Google without looking at the search result page with my optimisation brain.  How did they get there, are they spending so much on SEO that the product will be crap, I look for brand signals – and this is not always signals that I know them already, but I look for trust signals in the way that Google is listing their site.

Anyway I ended up looking at two other companies:  Allianz and

Let’s deal with Allianz first as this is the one that I did not buy from.  I get surprised when companies of this size are so bad at SEO, even the on-site SEO is not great – and this is the easiest part.  They are not listed in the organic search results but on the Adwords, and that makes the following almost unforgiveable.

Using Adwords you are able to see exactly what happens to even penny you spend.  If I click an ad or a search result you really want to give me what I want, if you don’t I will be out of there so fast.  So when I clicked on the Allianz advert imagine my disappointment that they don’t have a landing page for the ad, but I get dumped on a generic page that tells me to click again – this is the path

  1. Click once on advert in Adwords – 1 click
  2. Click get a quote on the Allianz page – 1 click
  3. Agree to eligibility conditions – 2 clicks
  4. Confirm I have read the terms and conditions – 2 clicks
  5. At bloody last I get to the travel quote form – and I have had enough

The travel quote form wants so much information out of me before I get an idea on price that I abandon at that point.  I would love to see their stats and see how many other potential clients also abandon the sales funnel at that point.

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So are any better?

They are so slick.  Firstly they turn out at the top in the Google organic results, then the first page I land on gives me a quick quote.  The quote form is positioned above the fold on the left had side – no effort required from me at all.

Nasty stuff like terms & conditions, legal, address etc. are all left till I have agreed to buy.  They are good at what they do – and no I have no connection with them and it is the first time I have used their site.

Two minutes later I had my credit card in my hand and had paid for travel insurance; they were the cheapest and let me travel as often as I wanted.

But just one click and I was filling in the form – that is so good.