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I have been running an SEO agency in Dublin since 2009. During that time, I have worked with many companies in Dublin and across Ireland, increasing their website rankings, traffic, and conversions/leads.


We have developed rock solid processes that ensure you get the best return on your SEO budget.


If you are looking for a long term SEO partner, let’s have a call.


Leslie Gilmour, Owner.

seo agency dublin

SEO Case Studies

I love bragging about the success of our SEO company, and these case studies with Irish websites are one of our few opportunities.


B2B Success

This service company grew from 200 to 20,000 visitors per month, all from Google Organic search. Great content, excellent links, and clear goals. Read more.


10 x users over two years

This adventure travel company moved from hacked website to a market leader. Read more


40% to 100% growth across 10 eCommerce websites

These 10 electrical equipment supplier eCommerce websites have seen stunning growth – year on year for the last three years. Read more


89% organic traffic increase and 40% increase in enquires

This cosmetic surgery website has managed to grow through Google’s medic algorithm update. Read more

Our SEO Services


SEO Audits

A technical SEO audit will uncover all website issues and reveal fresh opportunities for growth and optimisation. This is the start for all new projects.

Google Ads & PPC Services

The quickest way to drive traffic, leads, and increase sales – right now. More on PPC management services

Content Marketing & Creation

Content marketing keeps your users interested and coming back for more. More on Content Writing for blog posts and eCommerce.

Link Building

Done right, link building will sky rocket your rankings, and drive very targeted traffic. More on Link building.

Content Audits

Increase traffic and conversions fast by reviewing your current content. More on Content Audits.

Local SEO

Higher rankings on Google Maps local search results. This is the first step to success for local businesses. More on Local SEO services.

Helping Your Business Grow With
Our SEO Strategy

Our Simple Four Step Process

Audit Your

Identify all the problems and rank in order of importance.

Fix All Optimisation Problems

Fix and optimise on-site issues based on quickest ROI.

Build Links

Build good quality links using all methods as long as the quality is good.

Optimise & Write Focused Content

Write and publish the best in class information. (Keyword targeted)

No Fixed SEO Contracts

The vast majority of our SEO services engagements are monthly, with a minimum commitment of 3 months and, after then a rolling 30-day notice period.


Most of our clients have worked with us for years as they have experienced additional business leads or sales directly tied to higher organic traffic from Google.


We run an SEO audit at the start of most search engine optimisation projects. The audit has two purposes:


  1. Find and fix SEO errors
  2. Create an SEO strategy


Over the longer term, the primary SEO agency services are content production and link building. Great content and good website authority are the main drivers of traffic, rankings, and profit.

seo agency dublin

1st Page Organic SEO Ranking is the Goal

As you already know, working with the right SEO agency can make or break your online success. We have had great success with many Irish companies creating SEO campaigns that drive converting traffic and bringing leads into their email funnels.


Great SEO services make your sales process much easier.


Using search engine optimisation to be number 1 in Google’s search results is the aim of all our clients. Getting into the first page is a good start. Before that, being in the top 5 is a must. There are very few clicks on positions 6 to 10.


Moving from 9 or 10 to positions 1 to 3 can take a while, but the result in traffic and consumer trust is enormous. Depending on the level of competition, it is always best to work to gain one of the first three positions.


Your SEO Company in Dublin

Befound, an SEO agency in Dublin, has been providing the full range of digital marketing services – search engine optimisation, PPC management, Local Google Maps optimisation, and strategy to customers in Ireland since 2007. As a search engine optimisation agency based in Dublin, we have excellent experience working with companies in vastly different sectors, from eCommerce SEO to car insurance companies, SEO for accountants, online gaming, and travel SEO – from very competitive to less so.


Search engine optimisation once covered all online marketing areas. We see digital marketing agencies, content marketing, conversion optimisation, and SEO companies as highly related, but separate specialisms.


Search marketing is not only the achievement of higher rankings in Google. Our agency views Google optimisation to include everything from local SEO, design, page layout, and online advertising. Optimising your website is not set and forget. The web constantly changes with new design standards, higher mobile usage, Google algorithm updates, and Google changes to Google Ads.

seo agency dublin
how seo can help your business

How Can SEO Services Help Growth?

We provide monthly reports for all SEO services clients that include new backlinks, with the anchor text, linking URL, date, current traffic compared to previous, and keyword ranking reports for local or national results. And of course a list of all the onsite work we perform on your website.


But what our SEO agency brings to your project is many years of experience optimising websites and identifying opportunities whether that is new keywords or conversion optimisation while driving higher organic traffic from Google.


We check your analytics and Google Search Console to identify areas of under optimisation, paying close attention to impressions and click-through rates.


We are completely transparent with our clients, outlining all work before we start. From our large list of clients and great testimonials, you can see that we are trusted by many companies in Ireland.


The best way to proceed is simply by calling or filling in the contact form. We will let you know what we can do and what it will cost.


Search engine optimisation is not all about more traffic. Targeted traffic makes the difference.

The Three Pillars of SEO

There are three main pillars of search engine optimization. Get these three right and 90% of your website optimisation will take taken care of.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is one of the few areas where Google has an optimisation guide. It is the basis for all websites that want to rank in Google and drive organic traffic.


Here is a list of some of the basics:

  1. Content can be indexed
  2. Keywords within the page content
  3. Relevant title tags and descriptions
  4. Alt tags for images
  5. Hreflang tags for multilingual sites
  6. No duplicate copy
  7. Well structured hierarchy
  8. Internal linking
  9. A good link profile/website authority
  10. Topically relevant content


You can read more on the audit page. We act as your SEO team and cover all the disciplines needed to keep your website healthy.

Great Content

You will have heard it said too many times, but content is really king. Great content can overcome many other technical issues on a website.


We believe in creating topical hubs. This is content that is closely related to one topic. I expect one of your services or products to be the focus of every hub. When content is created strategically in this manner all the pages within the hub rank higher and bring in more visitors than the same number of pages around different topics.


The published should be of the best quality and readability. We suggest writing with the user in mind and then using SEO tools to ensure that all related terms/entities are included in the finished page. It is better to publish great content less often than average content more often.


Website Authority/Link Building

Links are references on another website that hyperlinks to your website. Link building can be done using local citation directories, press releases, trade bodies, and listing on a chamber of commerce site.


But, a huge amount of link building is achieved through writing for and being published on other sites. This is known as guest posting. Link building is important in any competitive niche.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the activity of making a website is entirely understood by search engines. The ultimate aim is to bring more traffic and achieve higher rankings for the website overall.

Why Should I Hire an SEO Agency?