About BeFound SEO

I read the about pages on company websites for two reasons:[no_toc]

  1. if I am working with them to find any background data I can promote;
  2. if I am looking for a service, to get an idea of what they might be like.

So, a bit of our own background – Cube and my career in SEO started by accident. In February 2006, I built a website that did not rank – it sucked, the only visitors were people I told about it.

In my usual obsessive way, I started digging to find out why.  That led me down the SEO rabbit hole where I fell in love with all forms of online marketing.  A year later, I was working for a digital marketing agency as their in-house SEO expert. The website that led me down the rabbit hole became 1 in its niche within 9 months and still makes money today, many years later.

Over time the Cube team has expanded, which brings us to the present day.

And what are we like to work with?

The best way to find out is to talk to some of our current and past clients or read some of the reviews here and on Google.

We work best with companies that have a strong growth mindset.  If you want to increase business a little, we might not be the best fit.

We don’t attend many offline meetings, our workforce is spread across Europe.  Our customers are based from Las Vegas to Dublin to London to Prague, but most are in based in Ireland and the UK.

It costs nothing to have a chat with me, and if I can’t help, I can usually point you to someone who can.

I am very proud of Cube’s staff; they do a great job day after day, you can read a little more about them below.

Our services include onsite SEO, eCommerce SEO services, link building, website audits, content audits, content creation, and SEO consultancy. Everything is aimed at driving more business.


Managing Director

Leslie is our main strategist and the driving force behind every project. He will be there to facilitate your project’s takeoff. When not doing keyword research or writing up the next big steps in a campaign, you can find him surfing the web in search of our next big venture (or disappearing to the mountains for a long hike).


Content Manager

Andrea looks after our 30+ contract writers and is the linchpin between our outreach, content, and reporting – organisation is her middle name. Notorious for being able to write a thousand words in under half an hour, Andrea juggles all the different pieces that make up our final products.


Outreach Assistant

Anna is forever sending emails: whether she is doing prospecting or outreach for a campaign, or answering the queries that land in our inbox, she always has the right answer, and can type it out with one hand while answering the phone with the other.


Outreach Manager & Technical SEO Assistant

When a website crashes or is misbehaving, our halls echo with the cries of “Miki, I need a minute!”. There is no code too complex or issue too complicated for our technical guru. He will spot the tiniest flaw on your website, and find at least three ways to amend it (and he loves making all our laptops run faster).

Natasa DNatasa

Outreach Assistant

Natasa keeps us sane by organising, researching, and taking care of all data in our Google Drive. Targets only ends up in Pitchbox after her approval. Her analyses save us time and money.

AnaAna E

Outreach Assistant

Ana replies to the hundreds of outreach emails we send every day. She knows how to craft the perfect pitch that gets a post published on some of the best websites out there.

Natasa DjNatasa

InHouse Writer & Social Media Assistant

From B2B to B2C, Natasa can write prose or technical articles all day long.  We do our best to let her see sunlight by setting her loose on our social media accounts.