A small team with big ideas.



Leslie is our main strategist and the driving force behind every project. He will be there to facilitate your project’s takeoff. When not doing keyword research or writing up the next big steps in a campaign, you can find him surfing the web in search of his next big venture (or disappearing to the mountains for a long hike).



When a website crashes or misbehaves, our halls echo with the cries of “Dejan, I need a minute!”. There is no code too complex or issue too complicated for our technical guru. He will spot the tiniest flaw on your website and find at least three ways to amend it (and he loves making all our laptops run faster).


Writer and Outreach

Anna is forever sending emails: whether she is doing prospecting or outreach for a campaign or answering the queries that land in our inbox, she always has the right answer. She can type it out with one hand while answering the phone with the other.



Ervin is a writer and has been creating great blog posts for the last few years for our clients. He is not the least bit intimidated by ChatGPT.