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Rank Higher in Google Maps Listings

Local SEO and Google Maps Listings bring phone calls, enquries, and customers through the door to your local service business website or to your local brick and mortar store.

Is there a better way to stand out in the crowded organic search results than being listed in the map pack at the top of the search results? That is the result of local SEO services.

You must be on the first page – 75% of searchers never go past the first page.

Being in the top three has never been more important for your business due to increased local mobile usage.

Why Local SEO?

When Google detects that there are local businesses that are relevant to the search term, it displays a Google map listings in towns and cities. This helps users find local businesses that are most relevant to their search and location.

  1. Local results appear in more than 90% of search queries.
  2. According to Google, more than 50% of local search clicks result in a shop visit within a day.
  3. More than 90% of your customers search for local services and products online.
  4. More than 80% of consumers trust online reviews.
  5. If you are a local business serving a town, village, or city, being listed locally is a great way to appear prominently at the top of Google.

The local map pack now lists only three companies. In the past, it listed up to seven – more reasons to make sure you are one of the three. The listing includes a link to your website, reviews, address, telephone number, opening times, a map listing, and directions to your business.

The Local Strategy

  1. Website localisation, small site changes
  2. Google My Business optimisation (Now Google Business Profile)
  3. Citation building
  4. High quality local links
  5. Excellent reviews and replies to customers

(There really needs to be another – Google Ads and remarketing via search and social)

How Local SEO Services Can Help You
Attract New Customers

SEO targets potential customers who are already looking for your product or service.

Local is a Highly Targeted Market

Using all your budget locally saves spend on markets that do not convert to customers.
Building up your local business profile has a cumulative effect and results in more overall business simply due to referrals.
Most local searches are on mobile devices, and people want instant results. People are searching as they have an immediate need. Can you afford to miss this?

97% of People Learn About a Local Business Online

Google reports that searchers visit or call a business more than 50% of the time after finding them online. People no longer know all their local shops or services – it is all online.
If you are a local business, you cannot afford to let this business drive past your location because they do not know you exist.

Mobile First for Local SEO

My iPhone is my mobile computer, at home or out. I find a local restaurant, a plumber, and a local accountant. If the website does not work well on mobile, I am quickly on to the next results in the search results.
Fast information: directions, address, telephone number – I need these easily and quickly.

ROI on SEO Needs to be Tracked

Calculating the ROI on ad spend is easy, but the ROI on SEO is delayed.  The expected ROI on ad spend is in the region of 40% to 200%. ROI for SEO is better calculated as an increase in business over time. I expect the ROI on mature websites to be at least 50%; for new websites, it can be hundreds of per cent.
All possible conversion points must be tracked – calls, shop visits, online orders, emails, and forms filled. But, simple ROI calculations do not work well for SEO in the short term, as the gain lasts much longer than the campaign.

Are You Trying To Reach Your Local
Customers Online?

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