Content Marketing Agency

Higher Visibility, Higher Traffic, More Satisfied Customers

Why a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is the strategy of using any media to promote or market your company – this can be on-site, like blog posts, or off-site using other websites and social media. We work mainly with blog posts and landing pages on your own website. Owned media rather than third party media.

We offer two types of content marketing:

  1. Skyscraper
  2. Landing pages/blog posts

The best results are achieved when both are used together to cover the top and middle of the funnel. This is often referred to as the awareness stage. It is a form of branding your company and products.

Your Company’s Goals

Before thinking about the type of content that will work best for your business, we need to understand where you want to go.

Persona & User Journey

Knowing your audience and best customers means you can create content and stories that will resonate.

Competition Research

What are your competitors doing well, and what are they missing? How strong are your competitors? Can you win right now, head-to-head?

Content Production

Depending on your business needs, we will write your content or show you how to recruit contract writers to produce the highest quality and engaging content.

Outreach & Promotion

The right type of promotion will amplify the reach of your content and build a flywheel that creates lasting high results for all published content.


Remarketing ads, whether on Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn, are the most cost-effective ways to increase sales or leads and keep your brand visible to your customers.

Content Marketing Case Studies

I love to see our client’s success.

B2B Content Success

Accountant Online created a content driven business model that has resulted in the website having the largest footprint in Ireland of any accountancy company. They have vision.

Read the full case study.

Travel Content Marketing

180% year on year growth

Working with their in-house marketing team, we helped design a content marketing roadmap to greater visibility. But more importantly, more travel customers. Read more

Amplifying Content

Making sure your content is seen.

The Basics

Ensure your content is shared on all social channels for marketing and SEO purposes.

Skyscraper Outreach

Get your content in front of people who will share or link to it.

Write Guest Posts

Guest posting will increase the reach of all your content.

Influencer Outreach

Connect with influencers in your niche to gain greater sharing of your content.

Ambitious Companies

We are a great fit for growing companies with ambitious goals.

Our most successful projects have resulted from working with companies with a strong desire for success. Content marketing requires a high level of internal engagement with internal teams.

We aim for treble digital year on year growth for all growing companies. We aim for 30% plus growth for mature businesses and websites.

Knowledge Transfer

We can run training sessions for your internal team.  We provide written and video guidelines for research, publishing, and promotion.

We are happy to work with your other vendors to seamlessly produce the best possible results.

Keeping within budgets often requires the internal team to acquire additional skills, which we are happy to help with.