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what is the cost of seo in dublin

How Much Does SEO Cost in Ireland?

All too often, I have calls with small business owners about SEO, and the first thing they want to know is how much SEO will cost. It appears obvious that these business owners are shopping around and may likely buy based on price. Some companies will offer SEO for less than €500 per month – … Read more

case study for accountants

B2B SEO Case Study

This SEO case study focuses on AccountantOnline. We started working on their website in February 2017.  In Jan of 2017, the website had around 400 visitors from Google; by Jan 2018, this was over 8,500 for the month. (Update: this has now doubled) We started with a technical SEO audit and a content audit. Both audits … Read more

seo for solicitors

SEO for Solicitors and Law Firms

As a solicitor or law firm, you know that your online presence is crucial to your success. With more and more people turning to search engines like Google to find legal services, it’s essential to have a strong SEO strategy in place. SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the practice of improving your website’s visibility … Read more

google seo

A Beginners Guide to Google SEO

Despite the abundance of negative reports surrounding Google SEO, it’s important to note that Google actually endorses SEO for websites. Their comprehensive guidelines are in these two documents: here and here. This article serves as a simplified, concise introduction to improving your website’s ranking on Google, as opposed to Google’s extensive 32-page documentation. Essential Tips … Read more

Modern skyscrapers with the sky in the background

What Is the Skyscraper Technique for Link Building?

Minimal search visibility makes all your content creation efforts futile.  If no one finds your content and visits your website when they’re searching for solutions to their problems on the internet, then you’re in serious trouble.  No traffic – no conversions – no revenue.  That’s why many businesses, desperate in their attempts to attract their … Read more

How to Create a Successful Business Blog

Growing your business and attracting new customers heavily depends on how strong your online presence is. People have started spending a significant amount of time – 6 hours and 42 minutes, to be more precise, and this means that the internet is among the main sources of finding the information they need or learning about … Read more

Guerilla marketing ideas

25 Guerilla Marketing Ideas to Grow your B2B Sales Leads

Guerrilla marketing is usually associated with the B2C arena – companies surprising their potential customers with unexpected and usually very innovative messages that cost a fraction of what more traditional marketing costs. Guerrilla marketing is less common in the B2B arena and it can sometimes feel almost tame when compared to B2C guerrilla marketing, but … Read more

Where to Start with SEO

Where to Start with SEO

Let’s imagine that you are a first-time webmaster or a business owner whose company is working on a new website. You have big plans for it, you have an unlimited number of ideas for the website and you really, really wish for it to both wow users and make conversions. While you are working on it, … Read more

Links in a chain

The Cost of Link Building & Links

Links cost. It is that simple, there is no such thing as a free link. There are many benefits to link building, but it is going to cost you time or money. So which is best for you – time or money, as you will pay the cost of link building in one way or the … Read more

What is local SEO

What is Local SEO and Why Do You Need It

No matter what kind of business you run, it’s crucial for your potential customers to be able to find you on the internet. For this, you need so-called general SEO, that is, the work of optimising your website for global or national searches. In other words, if you want to target a particular audience regardless … Read more

Google opened on a laptop

How to Grow Your Local SEO with Google Posts

Local SEO has become an increasingly important facet of search engine optimization, as it’s capable of amplifying your digital marketing efforts and turning them into foot traffic. According to Google, 82% of people rely on search engines to find local information. Similarly, there has been a 150% increase in the “near me” search phrases, which … Read more

Visualisation of what marketing is

What Is Marketing?

Marketing differentiates your business from every other business that your customer could choose. It is the first impression of your business, and we all know that first impressions DO count.