Accountant with their client

How to Find New Accounting Clients

One statistic frequently quoted to illustrate the importance of customer retention is that 80% of a company’s future profits come from just 20% of its existing customers. Another is that repeat customers spend 67% more in their third year than in their first year of doing business with a company. This data offers convincing arguments … Read more

case study for accountants

Accountants SEO Case Study

This SEO case study focuses on AccountantOnline. We started working on their website in February 2017.  In Jan of 2017, the website had around 400 visitors from Google; by Jan 2018, this was over 8,500 for the month. (Update: this has now doubled) We started with a technical SEO audit and a content audit. Both audits … Read more

Accountant developing a marketing strategy

Marketing Strategies for Accountants

Growing your accounting firm requires a serious and strategic approach, and having a detailed marketing strategy in place is essential. However, marketing usually isn’t a top priority when we’re talking about smaller accounting firms, but growth requires investing more time and money in it. Making your firm more visible will result in generating better leads … Read more

Email Marketing for Accountants

Email Marketing for Accountants

Exactly 50 years ago, a technology that will disrupt the way we communicate was invented. Apart from being convenient, email marketing has a very strong return on investment – for every pound you invest in it, you can expect to earn £42, which makes it one of the most cost-effective marketing approaches for accountants. And … Read more

Online marketing for accountants

Online Marketing for Accountants

Digital marketing has the highest ROI, and yet many accounting firms still mainly rely on the outbound approach and its traditional marketing methods. Although you can still attract new clients through newspaper ads, TV and radio commercials, and billboards, digital marketing has become indispensable for the firms providing accounting services. In this post, we’ll discuss … Read more